Over Dr. John Selden’s two decades of treating patients and continuing his education in Charlotte, NC he has acquired the expertise of a Master Restorative Dentist. His extensive experience enables him to visualize the perfect path to take a patient with complex dental issues all the way to excellent oral health and a complete and beautiful smile.
Dr. Selden offers patients in Charlotte the benefit of this experience by presenting them with a personalized treatment plan over two or more meetings. The first meeting involves a comprehensive consultation collecting data from the patient, x-raying and taking digital images of the teeth plus a thorough examination.
In a second meeting, Dr. Selden will present the patient’s personalized treatment plan. Very complex cases may require additional appointments.
As a result, each patient has a complete grasp of what steps are needed to transition from their current situation to complete oral health. This detailed approach enables a patient to take control of their health because they fully understand their current situation and the benefits of each recommended treatment.

What Our Patients Have to Say

The Inspired Experience

The moment you enter our office, you’ll see how our dedication to the excellence of your care has inspired every aspect of our operation. You’ll see it in the smiles you get from our staff and in the beauty of our office decor that marries light, stone, wood and water. You’ll feel it in our willingness to understand you and your concerns and in the way we treat you like a family member.
You’ll also feel it in every treatment you receive. Dr. John Selden has gone above and beyond to develop exceptional diagnostic and treatment skills. Every person in our office is highly trained in the exact skills they need to ensure you receive superior results in a comfortable environment.
Your treatment will begin with a comprehensive examination by Dr. Selden, accompanied by x-rays and digital photographs, followed by a written report and recommendations. You can very soon be on your way to a more dazzling smile and excellent dental and oral health.


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