The Patient Loyalty Program at Inspired Dentistry of Charlotte

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We want each patient to be able to keep their dental and oral health in top-notch condition. For that reason, we have created the Patient Loyalty Program for patients without insurance. When you join this program and pay a monthly fee, your preventative care is covered and you receive a discount on all restorative, cosmetic or elective care.

Learn more about all the benefits and services available with our Patient Loyalty Program.

Benefits and Services Available with the Patient Loyalty Program

Benefits & Services May Include

A monthly fee to receive the following:

Required monthly fees depend on plan. Some plans require patients absence of periodontal disease. Plans for patients with periodontal disease are available

We believe patients without insurance should be able to receive the dental care they need and the dental enhancements they want. For that reason, we went the extra mile and created a Patient Loyalty Program to help patients who have no insurance benefits.

When you enroll in this program and pay a monthly fee, your preventative dental care will be covered fully. You’ll never have to think about whether or not you can afford cleanings or x-rays.

You will receive all your other treatment at a 10% discount. That includes fillings, root canal therapy, dental implants, bridges, gum disease treatment, dentures and more. Plus all cosmetic procedures are included, such as dental veneers and tooth whitening.

There are no deductibles, no limit to your yearly benefits and no services are excluded. Your savings can add up all year long. For the patient that needs extensive care such as a full-mouth rehabilitation, the savings can be quite significant.

This is one more way we strive to achieve a superior result for each patient. If have no dental insurance and have questions about our Patient Loyalty Program, please call us at 704-597-3493.

Our Patient Loyalty Program is administered by Illumitrac, LLC.

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